Posted on February 17, 2015 by Emma Herlihy

People tend to get reflective when a chapter of their life comes to an end. For instance, let’s take the former Senior Advisor to the President, John Podesta. His role ended on February 13th and Podesta decided to go through his top 10 favorite memories and regrets during his time as Presidential aide. Now, this dude was around for lots of important decisions. From major climate control and environmental initiatives to international affairs one would think Podesta’s biggest regret would be something that largely and directly affects the American people. And maybe his #1 regret did largely and directly affect the American people...we may never know. Drum roll please… John Podesta’s biggest regret from his time as Senior White House Advisor was….



Does Podesta know what the UFO files contain? How real are UFOs?? How big is the file??? What color is the file???? The American people have questions!!!



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