Layer up with Flannels

Posted on January 08, 2015 by Emma Herlihy

Winter is here! Winter is here! That means it’s time to layer up and what better way to do so than with a nifty flannel?! There’s nothing better than getting cosy in a soft, perfectly broken in flannel on a cold winter night. Originally worn in the 17th century by blue collar workers, the 90s brought about the new grunge style of wearing flannels. This warm winter staple is perfect for everyday wear by men and women alike. Flannels are warm, come in a variety of color schemes, and are extremely versatile.

We've surveyed a few friends on what comes to mind when they think of flannels and here are their answers:

“Damn that flannel shirt I’m wearing right now is comfortable and stylish. Also Subarus. And soft, comfortable.” -Ryan Twardzik

“Not acceptable for any business function or dressy occasion but for literally anything else.” -S. Scobee

“Rugged manly man” -Steve Penny

“Country hoedown” -Bridget Mooney


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Take a look at some of the endless ways they can be worn below:

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