DIY Floral shorts pocket

Posted on July 01, 2014 by Emma Herlihy

Do you love DIY projects? Nifty Thrifty sure does!


What you need:

     Shorts! Grab some great fitting cutoffs or any ol’ pair of shorts that already have
          back pockets.

     Floral fabric! Buy some from your nearby craft store or take apart that old floral
          dress you know you’re never going to wear again.


     Needle, thread, and buttons OR iron on tape OR fabric glue


What you need to know:

There are lots of ways to do this! Here are some ideas with minimal sewing because we don’t all have access (or the coordination) to use sewing machines.


First things first:

     Trace your chosen floral fabric to fit the back pockets of your shorts. Add half
         an inch to each side of the fabric and cut it out.

     Fold the edges making the crease where you first traced, and sew the excess
          fabric down. This is a preventative measure against fraying since I know you’ll
          be wearing these all the time once you’re done!


Now you have options:


1 Cut iron on tape to fit the edges of your newly sewn pocket, and just iron it onto the pocket of the shorts! It’s really that simple. While it’s a quick option, it may not last forever. This is your best bet if you want to breakup with the floral pocket at some point in the future.


2 Use fabric glue. It’s really as easy as it sounds. Dab lines of glue on the edges, stick it on the shorts pocket and let it dry. Be careful not to lather the glue on too thick other wise it’ll seep through the fabric and sides.


3 Last but not least, buttons!! Sew buttons directly onto the edges of shorts pocket. Line your floral attachment up with the buttons and cut slits for the buttons. Use as many buttons as you’d like! I recommend using at least one for each corner and one at the bottom. This is a great option to switch up your look in minutes!


Have fun and get crafting! Send us pics of what you create.


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