Stoner Sloth - Australia's Newest Soldier in The War On Weed

Posted on December 18, 2015 by Emily Noodles

Australia has a new soldier in the war on weed. Their new government created campaign has created a crazy character called Stoner Sloth that is supposed to get kids to think smoking weed turns you into a sloth. It's an amazing concept with hilarious commercials. We definitely do not endorse marijuana but we do endorse these ads! WTF Australia!?!



Posted on February 17, 2015 by Emma Herlihy

People tend to get reflective when a chapter of their life comes to an end. For instance, let’s take the former Senior Advisor to the President, John Podesta. His role ended on February 13th and Podesta decided to go through his top 10 favorite memories and regrets during his time as Presidential aide. Now, this dude was around for lots of important decisions. From major climate control and environmental initiatives to international affairs one would think Podesta’s biggest regret would be something that largely and directly affects the American people. And maybe his #1 regret did largely and directly affect the American people...we may never know. Drum roll please… John Podesta’s biggest regret from his time as Senior White House Advisor was….



Does Podesta know what the UFO files contain? How real are UFOs?? How big is the file??? What color is the file???? The American people have questions!!!



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Layer up with Flannels

Posted on January 08, 2015 by Emma Herlihy

Winter is here! Winter is here! That means it’s time to layer up and what better way to do so than with a nifty flannel?! There’s nothing better than getting cosy in a soft, perfectly broken in flannel on a cold winter night. Originally worn in the 17th century by blue collar workers, the 90s brought about the new grunge style of wearing flannels. This warm winter staple is perfect for everyday wear by men and women alike. Flannels are warm, come in a variety of color schemes, and are extremely versatile.

We've surveyed a few friends on what comes to mind when they think of flannels and here are their answers:

“Damn that flannel shirt I’m wearing right now is comfortable and stylish. Also Subarus. And soft, comfortable.” -Ryan Twardzik

“Not acceptable for any business function or dressy occasion but for literally anything else.” -S. Scobee

“Rugged manly man” -Steve Penny

“Country hoedown” -Bridget Mooney


Still looking for that perfect flannel? Look no further! Get a mystery flannel shirt for just $8 from NiftyThrifty


Take a look at some of the endless ways they can be worn below:

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Return of the Choker

Posted on November 07, 2014 by Emma Herlihy

90s kids rejoice!!!! It’s time to dig through your childhood boxes and find you’re chokers. That’s right- they’re back! It’s not just the classic plastic stretch tattoo choker anymore. Nifty(Thrifty) girls are rocking varieties of beaded, studded, woven, and lace chokers. They’re  not limited to just the classic 90s grunge look.

Wikipedia tells me chokers were historically associated with high fashion. If they’re talking about the 90s here then TRUE THAT! There’s a mystique and snazzy aura that surrounds you when you wear a choker. It’s pretty much impossible to not notice it on someone. Also, they are SO easy to DIY! Got some cool ribbon? Choker it. Maybe a pendant or beads to add on? Do it! Check out Etsy or Pinterest for some choker inspo. You know you’ve missed the close comfort of a choker around your neck. Let the 90s child within you shine.

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How We Got To High Waisted Jeans

Posted on August 01, 2014 by Emma Herlihy

Let take a moment to honor Sarah Bernhardt. “Who’s that??”, you ask. She, my nifty friend, is the woman our tushes thank today for making pants fashionable and acceptable for women to wear. She was an actress in 1890 who wore pants publicly in Paris.


Pants were revolutionized in 1873 when blue jeans were invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss. During the 1940s, women began to wear jeans when they took over the jobs of their husbands who were off at war. Womens jeans became more popular and they were high waisted for modesty. This is the 40s-50s we’re talking about.


The 80s were when high waisted jeans were at an all time high. With so many styles newly available and ads like the ones below, who wouldn’t want a pair?!

jeans2.jpgjeans 3.jpgjeans 4.jpg



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The Mystery Behind Vintage Tees

Posted on July 22, 2014 by Emma Herlihy

What makes buttery soft vintage tees so irresistible? For one, you instantly look cooler. Yes, I know, you were cool to begin with...but put a vintage tee on and everyone else will know it too! They’re an effortless way to create a unique outfit, whatever your style may be. Pair it with a maxi skirt, ripped jeans, or even over a patterned dress. The possibilities are endless! Here are some of my favorite looks:


vintage tee 5.jpgmen #2.jpg

vintage tee 2.jpgvintage tee 3.jpgmen #3.jpgvintage tee 4.jpgmen #1.JPGvintage tee 6.jpg


Celebrities love vintage tees too! As you can see, there is so much you can do with these shirts! Layer on the necklaces, wear heels, be bold. You really can’t go wrong.

NOTE: These shirts aren’t just for women!! The shirts are unisex so guys out there, you can rock them too!


Get your very own Mystery Vintage Tee from NiftyThrifty for only $5!!!


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DIY Floral shorts pocket

Posted on July 01, 2014 by Emma Herlihy

Do you love DIY projects? Nifty Thrifty sure does!


What you need:

     Shorts! Grab some great fitting cutoffs or any ol’ pair of shorts that already have
          back pockets.

     Floral fabric! Buy some from your nearby craft store or take apart that old floral
          dress you know you’re never going to wear again.


     Needle, thread, and buttons OR iron on tape OR fabric glue


What you need to know:

There are lots of ways to do this! Here are some ideas with minimal sewing because we don’t all have access (or the coordination) to use sewing machines.


First things first:

     Trace your chosen floral fabric to fit the back pockets of your shorts. Add half
         an inch to each side of the fabric and cut it out.

     Fold the edges making the crease where you first traced, and sew the excess
          fabric down. This is a preventative measure against fraying since I know you’ll
          be wearing these all the time once you’re done!


Now you have options:


1 Cut iron on tape to fit the edges of your newly sewn pocket, and just iron it onto the pocket of the shorts! It’s really that simple. While it’s a quick option, it may not last forever. This is your best bet if you want to breakup with the floral pocket at some point in the future.


2 Use fabric glue. It’s really as easy as it sounds. Dab lines of glue on the edges, stick it on the shorts pocket and let it dry. Be careful not to lather the glue on too thick other wise it’ll seep through the fabric and sides.


3 Last but not least, buttons!! Sew buttons directly onto the edges of shorts pocket. Line your floral attachment up with the buttons and cut slits for the buttons. Use as many buttons as you’d like! I recommend using at least one for each corner and one at the bottom. This is a great option to switch up your look in minutes!


Have fun and get crafting! Send us pics of what you create.


Need shorts?


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