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TagPop is your 1-stop thrift shop for awesome hand-curated vintage clothes & thrift items at the lowest possible prices...ever!

Why is everything a Mystery?

Photographing, measuring and describing each garment is time and cost consuming.  So, we source and categorize the best pieces we can find in order to pass the savings on to you.

Are you guys a charity?

We buy our clothes from a slew of charities including Goodwill, Salvation Army and Boys & Girls Club. So, you are indirectly supporting them by buying from us.

Is buying from you good for the environment?

We are doing our part in diverting our share of the 10.5 Million tons of apparel that winds up in landfills every year.  

Tagpop is reducing the waste in fashion by algorithmically matching surplus goods to the consumer, helping consumers buy what they love before it goes to waste: 12% of the $330B total is wasted per year, and 10.5M tons go into the landfills as a result. 
Tagpop sells clothing by category, not by item -- if you want a denim jacket, we will send you one at a low price, and if you don't like it, you can send it back, and we will gather more data and continue to send jackets until we match. 
We also match surplus to charity -- the items we can't sell we match to our partners like bowery mission. Hopefully, in the next five years, we can reduce waste by 2M tons. 

 We are located at:

111 Water St

New Haven CT. 06511

You can reach us by emailing

or if it's absolutely an emergency you can TEXT Topper our CEO at 917-664-0161 between 10am-6pm Eastern Standard time, You will not receive a response if you call. You will receive an immediate response if you text.


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