Return of the Choker

Posted on November 07, 2014 by Emma Herlihy

90s kids rejoice!!!! It’s time to dig through your childhood boxes and find you’re chokers. That’s right- they’re back! It’s not just the classic plastic stretch tattoo choker anymore. Nifty(Thrifty) girls are rocking varieties of beaded, studded, woven, and lace chokers. They’re  not limited to just the classic 90s grunge look.

Wikipedia tells me chokers were historically associated with high fashion. If they’re talking about the 90s here then TRUE THAT! There’s a mystique and snazzy aura that surrounds you when you wear a choker. It’s pretty much impossible to not notice it on someone. Also, they are SO easy to DIY! Got some cool ribbon? Choker it. Maybe a pendant or beads to add on? Do it! Check out Etsy or Pinterest for some choker inspo. You know you’ve missed the close comfort of a choker around your neck. Let the 90s child within you shine.

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