Who said scarves are just for your neck?

Posted on June 05, 2014 by Emma Herlihy

Winter has dominance over scarves no more! The official beginning of summer is quickly approaching so it’s time to get the summer scarf looks ready! Nifty Thrifty is here to help you out. “But, Nifty, how many other ways can one really wear a scarf?!” you ask. Here’s how:

As a belt:

Add some pizazz to your cutoffs and solid color tank with a colorful or patterned scarf. Twist or fold it first and then slide it on through the belt loops! Tie it in the front side or back for different looks.

You could even tie it around your waist to cinch in a flowy dress.

Best part about using a scarf as a belt? Aside from looking oh so chic, you never have to worry about the fit! Go from waist to hips in a second and you don't need any scissors to punch a new hole in some leather.

On your bag:

Tie it on the side of one handle. Make as many knots as you’d like. You can let the ends hang or tie them into a bow. This look works for any bag from cross-body to tote to backpack.

If your scarf is long you could wrap it around the handles first. Tie the end of the scarf to one end of you bag’s handle. Wrap it around the handle tightly and make another knot once you reach the other side! Simple yet stylish.

As a bracelet:

Smaller scarfs can be folded or twisted first and then tied on your wrist for a quick bracelet you won’t see in stores. Loop it through that chain bracelet you have for a totally different look. Rock it solo or add other complementary bracelets.

On a hat:

Is the summer sun in your eyes? Is your floppy hat just not doing it for ya? Pick out a matching or complementary color scarf to your outfit and tie it around your hat! Play around with how thick it is and where you tie it.

Hair-scarf it:  

    Braid it into your hair! Go crazy with a 3, 5, or 7 strand braid. Take it a step further and twist that braid into a bun. Or wrap it around your head like a regular headband, and THEN into a twist or braid! Do whatever YOU want to do!

    Scarfs as headbands look great with high or low buns! Try tying it into a bow on top with a high bun or use the ends to keep those annoying flyaways down with a low bun. You could even do a sock bun with this look.

    Make it into a square, fold it in half, and tie it like a bandana. You can also turn it upside down so it ties in the front.

    Fold it lengthwise to your liking and tie it around your forehead for a boho look.


There are endless options for wearing a scarf in on or around your head. Play around and see what looks you can come up with! Let us know what you discover in the comments below!

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