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Posted on February 26, 2014 by Rob Lee

 Niftythrifty Shoots The Breeze With DJ Jonny Famous

We at Niftythrifty like to keep our fingers on the pulse of what is going on with NYC nightlife and the current music scene. As we all know music and style have gone hand in hand ever since the beginning of time. We sat down with one of NYC’s coolest DJ’s for an intimate portrait of himself, music and pop culture. He also took the time to make an incredible mix that we have been grooving to at the office. We will post it at the end of the interview for you all to enjoy as well!


Name- Jonathan “Jonny Famous” Sollis

Sign – Capricorn (just like R. Kelly, same b-day as Gerard Depardue…I know, I know #blessed )

Age you lost your v card – 17

Most important lesson being a dj has taught you – The girls still at the club when the lights come on are normally pretty friendly.

do you take requests? – I swear if you’re polite and patient I will always listen to what you want, maybe I will play it. Just rules for anyone, boy, girl, child, hot, ugly, drunk, sober, DO NOT TOUCH OR GRAB ME. Please.

Style influences – Bernie Mac in House Party 3. Jonny Depp in Blow. Joe Pesci in The Super

musical héros – I want to answer this one honestly, but it would take so long. I will say that I want to do to DJing what Liberace did to Vegas.

have you ever tried purple drank? yup L.L. Leaning, Sitting Sideways, Wavy like a storm.

Secret to getting into “The Club”? Lie and say you’re the DJ, his assistant or bringing him his wallet. Or, like, don’t be a prude and offer some head.

Marry Fuck Kill:

Alexa Chung, Marry

Sienna Miller, Fuck

Kiera Knightly – Kill

What’s the craziest thing you have seen go down at the club? I once had an about 250lb lady getting digitally penetrated literally behind me and kept bumping into me with her gentleman friend. When I realized what was going on, I played Pony by Genuine to, ya know, make it sexy.

Have you ever or would u dj a bar/bat mizfah? FUCK. YES.

Top 3 rappers (right now…)

Just for the record, for the first time in a long time, in my opinion, rap is AWESOME. I like so many rappers right now it’s insane. I love all music but I am listening to so much rap. So I will say, last year, these 3 people put out my favorite albums.


A$AP Rocky

Pusha T

Oh and a ton of love to my homey Action Bronson

Top 3 pop artists




Top 3 country artists

Mumford and all his sons.

I actually love country music, but I fux with that old Merl Haggard, Gram Parsons, Fern Jones shit. But contemporary, shouts to my man Alvin “Young Blood” Heart, that dude is MEAN.

top 3 80s hair bands


Motley Crue





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